Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Gravy Biscuits....

We've started a blog!

Hello, new friends!  Oh my goodness, we have actually done it!  We are branching out and joining the blogging world. (deep breath)

Since we don't really enjoy writing about ourselves, we will keep this first post short and sweet.

We are a teaching duo from Birmingham, Alabama.  As two kindergarten teachers (out of fourteen!), we quickly clicked and deemed ourselves the "Lucy and Ethel" of the bunch.  Now, in our fifth and sixth years of teaching, we are ready to join the online teaching community!  From the get go, we have been creating literacy and math activities for our own students, and are now anxious to share our ideas! Even more so than sharing, we are very eager to acquire new ideas from you all! We look forward to collaborating with you about math, reading, writing, classroom management, and all the other craziness that comes with teaching!  We appreciate you stopping by, and look forward to building new friendships along this journey!

We won't tell you which of us is Lucy, and which is Ethel...