Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Resolutions!

Once again, the ladies at TeachTalkInspire and My Day in K have outdone themselves and put together another amazing link up!!! 
We are so excited to participate and share our resolutions for 2016!

1. This year, we want to create more teacher friendly flipcharts for teachers.
We are fortunate enough to teach in a school where each teacher has a Promethean Board in their classroom.  Most of our "planning" time is spent formatting flipcharts with our focus skills and whole group activities to use with our students.  It helps us to stay organized during instruction, and ensures that we don't forget to cover anything! We aim to make a variety of cross-curricular flipcharts to share with other teachers to hopefully make their life a little easier. :)
2. When we started this blog, we had stars in our eyes and pledged to blog every week.  Haha. We were quite naive.  Well, life happens.  Between our families, classrooms, and all the extra work that comes with being a teacher, we were lucky to blog once a month!  And, with us both being pregnant, being on maternity leave, and having a newborn this year, it was even worse!
So, to correct this, we are sitting down and creating a REALISTIC blogging schedule for ourselves.
Fingers crossed!
3. As previously mentioned, life happens.  We get so busy with life and school, that it goes by too fast!!!  We LOVE getting together with our husbands (and now little girls), but just don't always have time.  Well, we are going to make some time! :) We are resolving to slow down and go out to dinner together once a month.  Nothing fancy, maybe McDonald's or Taco Bell if need be, but we are going to make it happen!
*By the way, have we introduced you to the Markers and Mascara mascots?
4.  Lastly, we are working to implement new teaching/learning strategies in our Math whole group lessons.  Our resolution is to create more focused goals for our students and to work to find/create strategies that best support them in reaching those goals.  We have been reading some research-based articles to learn more on the "best" strategies, and are so very excited to try them out with our students.  We look forward to sharing the outcome with you! *Again, fingers crossed! ;0)

We wish all of you tons and tons of happiness this 2016 year!!!  2015 was an amazing year for us and our families and we cannot wait to see what 2016 brings!  Happy New Year, Friends!

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