Monday, April 13, 2015

Research Doesn't BUG Us!

 Learning about bugs doesn't BUG us.  We are having an absolute blast learning all about bugs and insects.

Our Kinders just LOVE to research on the internet.  However, we were uncomfortable allowing them on the internet without us sitting right next to them (and let's be honest, who can do that?)  That is, until we discovered the wonderful world of Symbaloo!!  It is an amazing website where you can gather your websites!  Kind of like a Pinterest board for websites!  We got right to work, and put a little insect Symbaloo page together for our kiddos to research!

If you are interested in having your students collect research in a similar way, head over to our TPT store to pick up this "buggy writing pack"!  *Click on the picture to take you there!

One of the greatest things about teaching kindergarten is our freedom to theme-teach.  Our students enjoy connecting with our theme, through math and literacy centers designed around it!  Our newest favorite activity is "This OR That?".  We needed a new way to check their learning, and a sweet friend suggested we create something where they have to read the word and identify it in pictures.  Our students have LOVED this new way of reading CVC words.  

If you are looking for supplemental math and reading activities, check out our "Don't BUG Me…" pack!  It's packed with fun, engaging activities.

This freebie has become an instant class favorite!  Maybe it's the slapping (with a fly swatter) the cards in a pocket chart, or maybe- the challenging their partner…either way, our students are loving this.  Stop by and pick up this freebie.  Let us know how you use it, if you grab it!

These readers are a fun, age-appropriate way to challenge students.  In this set, there are varied levels of readers; as well as, variations in the sight words to be practiced.  If you haven't checked out our Emergent Readers, take a minute to read the reviews to see if you think they may beneficial to you and your students.

Thank you so much for stopping by our little blog!  Leave us a comment and share, with us, your favorite "bug" activity!

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