Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Top Ten List: Tell All Tuesday

Good afternoon!  We are back for another "Tell All Tuesday" post! 
Diana and Jayme had us share our "Top Ten Things Teaching Has Taught Us."  We had so much fun coming up with our very own list.  We took a lighthearted approach and had fun sharing you some of the most honest lessons we have learned…among many others.  

Without further ado…and, in our very best David Letterman voice….

FLEXIBILITY is your friend…even if you end up twisted like a pretzel!

The "magic" in the Magic Eraser is beyond Science!

Many five year olds know as many curse words as a seasoned sailor.

It IS possible to consume an entire lunch in under a minute…just ask a kindergarten teacher during the first week of school!

Even if you didn't wash your hair that morning, your kinders will still think you have beautiful hair…and, when one kiddo compliments you- at least thirteen others will, too!

Never store your EXPO markers within 30 feet of your permanent markers…just trust us on this one!

Herding 100 cats is definitely easier than getting 18 kinders to walk in a straight line during the month of August!

One student getting up to grab a tissue is a contagious virus that at least eight other students catch immediately.

You always have at least one student who has the amazing gift of conversing with even a pencil…he's fluent in "Pencil-ese!"

In all honesty, the greatest lesson we've learned is that there really is no better profession- teaching changes you…everyday!!!

Thank you to Diana and Jayme, again, for another fun topic!  
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  1. Oh my gosh!! I just totally laughed out loud while reading your Top 10!!! You basically hit every funny and crazy thing that happens in a classroom! Love it!!


    1. Marisa, we are so very glad you can laugh with us. We feel that laughter, in this profession, is an absolute must! We'd go crazy if we didn't laugh about all the craziness that comes with teaching…especially teaching five year olds.

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and reading our post. We are incredibly thankful. We hope you are enjoying your summer and wish you much success this next school year!

      Much love,
      Ashley and Brooklynn

  2. Phenomenal list, ladies! You're so right about the sailor language. They might not know what it means, but they do know how to use the word in context, with volume, and generally with at least one administrator there to witness the mayhem. And there are days I totally depend on the truth of #6!

  3. LOVE your list... and teachers have to love those magic erasers! So many great uses for them in a classroom!