Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WINNER WEDNESDAY: Kitty's Colorful Centers

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!
Welcome to the second installment of Winner Wednesday! 
We are linking up with A Dab of Glue Will Do on the first Wednesday of each month to give something fun to one lucky winner!
It could be you!
 Our kiddos love, love, love Pete!!!! We are so excited to be giving this unit away!  It is full of great beginning of the year activities!

 Pete loves colors, and so do we!  Early in Kindergarten, we push students to use "resources" for everything!  Here, they are able to use a color word resource to decide what color Pete's shoes should be.

We spend a great amount of time at the beginning of the year, with visual discrimination of letters. These two activities give students opportunities to practice deciphering between, and tracing letters.

 Every mommy letter has a baby letter. (Ha)  Students pull a pair of Pete's sneakers and record the "baby" letter.  (We don't actually call them Mommy and Baby letters in our classrooms.  Our kids try, but we prefer Capital and Lowercase.)

 One of our absolute favorite activities are mirrored letters/words.  Early in the year, we practice with letters, but will eventually transition into sight words.

 Text is so vital to a Kindergarten classroom.  Our students receive an emergent reader or two each week.  They love taking ownership of these books and taking them home to read with their family.  These are seriously the highlight of each week with our Kinders! In this pack, students practice basic literacy skills such as tracking, fluency, sight words, and color words.

Sight words, sight words, sight words! (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha)
For Pete's sake, these words are SO important to emerging readers! Early in the year, we spend a lot of time practicing our sight words by spinning and tracing, rolling and tracing, pulling and tracing... a lot of tracing! You know as well as we do that Kinders need lots of letter formation practice and practice with their sight words to be successful readers and writers.

For whatever reason, this is the only Math activity we took!  I mean, we weren't preoccupied with a class of kids or anything. Haha!  This Pete unit has math activities that focus on numbers, one to one correspondence, and writing numerals.  To check out the entire pack, click below!
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Hope you are enjoying a GROOVY summer so far!


  1. What darling center activities - and who doesn't love Pete the Cat!?!
    Thank you for sharing!
    xo Pamela

  2. Wow, this packet is awesome! It is just perfect for the beginning of the year in kindergarten! Not to mention how much my kinders LOVE all things Pete the Cat! Thanks so much for raffling this off, I hope to win it!

    Warmest Wishes,

  3. This looks like SO much fun. The pictures are great. Thank you for putting so much time into this. Such a good product! Thanks for linking up. :)